Level 3 Snow Emergencies

Whenever a county/city within the Diocese of Toledo is placed under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, during which all roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel, the Catholic Churches within that geographic region will cancel the scheduled Saturday Vigil, Sunday, or Holy Day Masses.  Roman Catholics in that region, therefore, are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.  If Masses are cancelled, Catholics are encouraged to participate in Holy Mass via television, radio, or internet, making a spiritual Communion.  When Mass is cancelled, all other diocesan, parish, or school events in that geographic region are also cancelled.

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Christmas and Sympathy/Comfort Cards
Altar & Rosary-Ways & Means Committee is selling

Christmas and Sympathy/Comfort cards with the

beautiful picture of Sacred Heart on the front. 

The message inside reads:
“Be assured of our prayers and thoughts,
May you always know the peace and
consolation of our Savior Jesus Christ, who
holds you tenderly in the palm of His hand…”

Price has been reduced to $5.00 for a pack of 10.
Cards may be purchased at the
Parish Office during office hours.

Continued healing and prayers for 
Nicholas Vogt,
a son of our parish and a 

American Hero!

Parish History Book.

Copies of this keepsake edition are

available ($8/each) by

calling the Parish Center at 419-342-2256!

Sacred Heart of Jesus COOKBOOKS
Cookbooks are available at the Parish Center during office hours. The price is $10.00

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
5742 State Route 61 South, Shelby, OH, 44875-9080
Rev. Christopher Bohnsack, Pastor: 419-342-2256

A twinned parish with St. Joseph Catholic Church, Crestline

2019 Euchre Tournaments 
Sacred Heart PTO’s Annual Euchre Tournament is Sunday, March 3 
$10 per team.   •  Doors open @ 3:00 pm   •   Play begins @ 3:30 pm 
50/50 drawings, food and drinks for sale 
RSVP Laura Gosser to sign up a team, 419-565-0909

Monday - Gn 4:1-15, 25, Ps 50:1, 8, 16bc-17, 20-21, Mk 8:11-13 

Tuesday  - Gn 6:5-8, 7:1-5, 10, Ps 29:1a, 2, 3-4, 9c-10, Mk 8:14-21 

Wednesday - Gn 8:6-13, 20-22, Ps 116:12-15, 18-19, Mk 8:22-26 

Thursday - Gn 9:1-13, Ps 102:16-18, 19-23, 29, Mk 8:27-33 

Friday - 1Pt 5:1-4, Ps 23:1-3a, 4-6, Mt 16:13-19 

Saturday - Heb 11:1-7, Ps 145:2-5, 10-11, Mk 9:2-13 

Sunday - 1Sm 26:2, 7-9, 12-13, 22-23, Ps 103:1-4, 8, 10, 12-13, 1Cor 15:45-49, Lk 6:27-38

Bible Readings for the week of February 17, 2019